Day: October 26, 2023

My best day at tu manawa sport

it was the best!

Today at Tu manawa sport we played ki orahi  all the girls and boys lined up to get there color band on there hips but before that we had to put on black belts on.First we got split into two line one girl one boy.Once we got split in our team i was unhappy because i got into the the bad team but luckily we had to do it again.But i was with my friends and i was in the good team but my other friends were in the other team so i was a bit upset but i shook it off and i started to play.

After a while we had a few more games and we won! my team and i were so happy but the other team was sad so we congratulated them and they were fine but a bit upset.but at the end we were happy and they were happy.